Grid.get_ball_tree(coordinates='nodes', coordinate_system='spherical', distance_metric='haversine', reconstruct=False)#

Get the BallTree data structure of this Grid that allows for nearest neighbor queries (k nearest or within some radius) on either the (node_x, node_y, node_z) and (node_lon, node_lat), edge (edge_x, edge_y, edge_z) and (edge_lon, edge_lat), or center (face_x, face_y, face_z) and (face_lon, ` face_lat`) nodes.

  • coordinates (str, default="nodes") – Selects which tree to query, with “nodes” selecting the Corner Nodes, “edge centers” selecting the Edge Centers of each edge, and “face centers” selecting the Face Centers of each face

  • coordinate_system (str, default="cartesian") – Selects which coordinate type to use to create the tree, “cartesian” selecting cartesian coordinates, and “spherical” selecting spherical coordinates.

  • distance_metric (str, default="haversine") – Distance metric used to construct the BallTree

  • reconstruct (bool, default=False) – If true, reconstructs the tree


self._ball_tree – BallTree instance

Return type: