UxDataArray.plot.rasterize(method='point', backend='bokeh', exclude_antimeridian=True, pixel_ratio=1.0, dynamic=False, precompute=True, projection=None, width=1000, height=500, colorbar=True, cmap='Blues', aggregator='mean', interpolation='linear', npartitions=1, cache=True, override=False, size=5, **kwargs)#

Rasterized Plot of a Data Variable Residing on an Unstructured Grid.

  • method (str) – Selects what type of element to rasterize (point, trimesh, polygon), with “point” being the only currently implemented method.

  • backend (str) – Selects whether to use Holoview’s “matplotlib” or “bokeh” backend for rendering plots

  • exclude_antimeridian (bool,) – Whether to exclude faces that cross the antimeridian (Polygon Raster Only)

  • projection (ccrs) – Custom projection to transform (lon, lat) coordinates for rendering

  • pixel_ratio (float) – Determines the resolution of the outputted raster.

  • height (int) – Plot Height for Bokeh Backend

  • width (int) – Plot Width for Bokeh Backend

  • cache (bool) – Determines where computed elements (i.e. points, polygons) should be cached internally for subsequent plotting calls


For further information about supported keyword arguments, please refer to the [Holoviews Documentation](https://holoviews.org/_modules/holoviews/operation/datashader.html#rasterize) or run holoviews.help(holoviews.operation.datashader.rasterize).