UxDataArray.inverse_distance_weighted_remap(destination_obj, remap_to='nodes', coord_type='spherical', power=2, k=8)#

Inverse Distance Weighted Remapping between a source (UxDataArray) and destination.`.

  • destination_obj (Grid, UxDataArray, UxDataset) – Destination for remapping

  • remap_to (str, default="nodes") – Location of where to map data, either “nodes” or “face centers”

  • coord_type (str, default="spherical") – Indicates whether to remap using on spherical or cartesian coordinates

  • power (int, default=2) – Power parameter for inverse distance weighting. This controls how local or global the remapping is, a higher power causes points that are further away to have less influence

  • k (int, default=8) – Number of nearest neighbors to consider in the weighted calculation.