uxarray.grid.area.get_all_face_area_from_coords(x, y, z, face_nodes, face_geometry, dim, quadrature_rule='triangular', order=4, coords_type='spherical')#

Given coords, connectivity and other area calculation params, this routine loop over all faces and return an numpy array with areas of each face.

  • x (ndarray, required) – x-coordinate of all the nodes

  • y (ndarray, required) – y-coordinate of all the nodes

  • z (ndarray, required) – z-coordinate of all the nodes

  • face_nodes (2D ndarray, required) – node ids of each face

  • dim (int, required) – dimension

  • quadrature_rule (str, optional) – “triangular” or “gaussian”. Defaults to triangular

  • order (int, optional) – count or order for Gaussian or spherical resp. Defaults to 4 for spherical.

  • coords_type (str, optional) – coordinate type, default is spherical, can be cartesian also.


area of all faces

Return type: